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Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle Integration Cloud serves as a Connectivity Hub within an enterprise, functioning as a centralized and robust platform designed for seamless integration of diverse applications and systems.OIC simplifies and accelerates the integration process by providing a unified environment for connecting cloud applications, on-premises systems, and various data sources

OIC Uses Case

Data Extract Strategies to extract data from Oracle Fusion Cloud (REST)

Data Extraction from cloud is always a big Challenge . With Oracle cloud fusion , depending on the use case and the destination for that data, we have many options. In the blog I will list some of these options/tools ( especially the one that I usually used in implementations)


•REST apis works well for Incremental Load

•These are ideal for transactional operations where you are querying small amounts of data (e.g. <200 rows) from Fusion Applications

•They are used extensively by customers as the backend to many new user interfaces

•The REST APIs are designed for synchronous operations and highly scale-able.

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