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More Than Just IT Support

We are a consulting firm with expertise in Integration , Analytics and BI Reporting. We operates in three main areas:

1. Integration Solutions:

  • We specialize in integrating your various business applications, particularly focusing on Oracle Integration solutions like EBS, HCM, and ERP. This includes:

    • Cloud to Cloud Integration: Connecting your Oracle applications with other cloud-based platforms.

    • On-Premise to Cloud Integration: Migrating your existing on-premise systems to the cloud and integrating them with your cloud applications.

    • API Integration: Integrating your systems with external APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to expand your data access and functionality.

    • Data Integration: Streamlining data flow between disparate systems to ensure consistency and accessibility.

  • we offer consulting services to help you design, implement, and manage your integration solutions.

2. Business Analytics and Reporting:

  • We can help you gain valuable insights from your data by:

    • Implementing business intelligence (BI) tools and platforms.

    • Developing custom reports and dashboards tailored to your specific needs.

    • Performing data analysis to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement.

  • We can help you leverage your data to make informed business decisions and improve operational efficiency

3.Oracle e-Business Suite:

  • We can help you to design and develop custom interfaces that seamlessly connect your E-Business Suite to other systems, streamlining information flow and eliminating manual work.

  • We automate manual processes with robust Oracle workflows, boosting efficiency and accuracy.

  • when it's time to migrate to the cloud, we can help you in conversion process by extracting data from EBS and load in Oracle cloud with standard FBDI templates and OIC.

  •  Finally, we empower your data-driven decisions with custom reports and dashboards, giving you real-time insights to make informed strategic choices


We’re Committed to Your Success



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